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After watching the documentary, Muscle Shoals, Greg called up FAME Studios and asked if they knew of someone who played like David Hood and Spooner Oldham. Much to his surprise, the Studio Engineer, John Gifford III, replied that he could call the legends themselves and see if they were available.

The following month, February, 2014, Greg traveled to Alabama and recorded an album with a few of the legendary Swampers, David Hood and Spooner Oldham. Leading the session, was guitarist, Larry Byrom and on drums & percussion, Justin Holder. Pics inside the studio

Guitars and B3: Larry Byrom
Keys: Spooner Oldham
Bass: David Hood
Drums: Justin Holder

Engineer John Gifford III
Mix and Master; Don Srygley

After the initial two days of recording, Greg continued working on the album, filling in some guitar, vocals and piano parts. Then, musicians, Wayne Bridge on Pedal Steel guitar (Stay With Me Tonight), Billy Smart, Slide Guitar (Train To Come), as well as Trinecia Hall Butler, on backing vocals rocked.

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